Wealth through conventional investment principles

The Club

Personal financial planning and investment planning should take into account one’s short, medium and long term financial needs. The stock market and investing in shares is considered one of the investment asset classes which potentially provides excellent growth opportunities over the long term. Investments in shares is a good inflation beating choice for your long term financial needs.

With this in mind, a group of us (all family members) decided in 2006 to pool our available capital and to invest the money in the stock market.

Today, Phoenix Investment Club is a very successful private family investment club. The club only invests in shares listed on the Johannesburg Securities Exchange (JSE) and follows proven conventional investment strategies with the aim to build wealth over the long term.

The purpose and key interest of the Club is to:

Share investment costs and to acquire capital for the purchase of blue chip shares on the Johannesburg Securities Exchange (JSE)

Encourage savings from an early age to leverage the benefit of time one one’s side

Build wealth over the long term

The Club is managed in terms of the rules of the club which are reviewed yearly and approved by the members. The investment capital of the Club is fully invested on the JSE.

The realistic investment aim is to achieve a compound growth (total of capital appreciation, dividends & interest) rate of 20% per year (compounded yearly over a period of five years).

The calculation is done quarterly over a moving five year period for the purpose of tracking the fund’s growth performance.

Please don’t compare the growth performance of Phoenix club with the performance of other similar investments. Phoenix club is not competing with other similar investments. The club’s investment aim is to realize investment growth which beats inflation year on year.

The fund is achieving this aim and we are extremely proud and happy of this fact.